Running a company with a full Ubiquiti stack

Say you wanted to run a company completely using a Unifi stack, here are some examples of different products from Ubiquiti and potential use cases for a medium-sized business:

UniFi Access Points (APs)

These wireless APs offer high-performance Wi-Fi coverage and can be easily managed using the UniFi controller software. They are ideal for businesses that need to provide reliable Wi-Fi access to employees, guests, or customers in a variety of settings, such as offices, retail stores, or restaurants.

UniFi Switches

These managed switches offer a range of port configurations and advanced features, such as PoE (Power over Ethernet), VLAN tagging, and link aggregation. They are ideal for businesses that need to create a high-performance network infrastructure, such as for VoIP (Voice over IP) or video conferencing.

UniFi Security Gateway (USG)

This device combines a router, firewall, and VPN server in one compact package. It offers advanced security features, such as content filtering, intrusion prevention, and anti-malware protection. It is ideal for businesses that need to secure their network and protect against cyber threats.

UniFi Video Camera

These high-definition, network-attached cameras offer real-time video and audio monitoring, as well as advanced features like motion detection and night vision. They are ideal for businesses that need to enhance security or monitor their premises, such as warehouses or office buildings.

Self-Hosted UniFi Linux Server

A self-hosted UniFi Linux Server allows you to manage your UniFi network using the UniFi controller software on a dedicated Linux server. This offers advanced network management capabilities and can be particularly useful for businesses that need a high level of control over their network, such as those with multiple locations or remote workers.


In conclusion, using a full Ubiquiti stack to run your company’s network offers a range of benefits. The company’s high-quality, reliable products, wide range of options, scalability, ease of use, and affordable prices make it a solid choice for businesses looking to upgrade their networking capabilities. One of the key benefits of using a full stack of the same product is the ability to manage and maintain the network more efficiently. With all the same product, you can use the same management tools, such as the UniFi controller software, and benefit from consistent features and performance across the network. This can help streamline your company’s networking operations and reduce the risk of downtime or other issues. Consider switching to a full Ubiquiti stack to take advantage of these benefits and streamline your company’s networking operations.