Manually Update GAL in O365 or Exchange16

There is the odd occasion that may require you to manually update GAL in exchange – whatever version or platform you may be using it on.

In Exchange 2016 this is very easy. Simply open Exchange powershell on the server and enter the below:

Update-GlobalAddressList -Identity "Default Global Address List"

For O365 – it’s a little bit more complicated, first we need to make sure that the Admin has the ‘Address List’ role.

You can either do this through the Exchange portal:

Update GAL in Office365

Or can do this Via powershell with the command below:

$dispName="ADMIN NAME"
$roleName="Address Lists"
$userObject=Get-MsolUser | Where DisplayName -eq $dispName
Add-MsolRoleMember -RoleMemberEmailAddress $userUPN -RoleName $roleName

Finally – once the permissions are set we can move and finally update Gal by

Set-AddressList -Identity "All Users"